Fortnite v13.20: What to anticipate

We’re in an unusual area with Fortnite Season 3 updates, with v13.10 relatively avoided or launched under our noses. Recently, we saw the Firefly Container pertain to the video game in what appeared to be a hotfix, however then saw the news that v13.20 would go live today. We put on’t understand precisely what occurred, there, however it appears like we’re onto v13.20.

We’re composing this ‘what to anticipate’ post prior to the statement of the v13.20 spot, however almost all of the Fortnite information miners are declaring that it’s coming today. Tuesday has actually been the conventional spot day for Fortnite updates, so it stands to factor that we’ll be getting a spot on June 30. If not, then all of this info will use when it does go live. Now, onto our forecasts.

Water level modification

According to Lucas7Yoshi, the water level is expected to decrease for the very first time in Season 3, following the v13.20 spot. We must see the water level lower on July 1, according to reports.

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This very first phase of the water economic downturn might not expose quite. We forecast that a few of the flooded POIs will reveal a bit more land, however we’re most likely a week or more far from the full-fledged intro of a brand-new area.

The most that we can wish for is that a person of the undersea POIs – such as Craggy or The Shark – will appear when the water begins to decline. We’ll need to wait and see, however the water decreasing is a sure thing.

Flare Weapon

There were 2 dripped weapons consisted of in the Season 3 video game files that weren’t in the loot swimming pool upon the launch of the brand-new season. These were the Firefly Container and the Flare Weapon.

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The Firefly Container was launched recently, which suggests we can securely presume that the Flare Weapon is next. Legendary seem often bringing brand-new products to the video game, simply as they had in Chapter 1. If this holds true, then it would make one of the most sense to see the Flare Weapon in v13.20.

Bug Repairs

As constantly, legendary will be taking goal at a few of the more common bugs with the v13.20 spot. This is the very first significant spot of Season 3, so there are a great deal of bugs that require repairing. Here are all of the concerns that are noted as “Fixed in Next Game Update” on the Fortnite Neighborhood Issues Trello board:

  • Missing out on designs for the Expert Pickaxe and Arroyo Load Back Bling.
  • Rage Emote fire impact staying on/near gamers.
  • Emotes playing over Main Phase music in Celebration Royale.
  • Sandstorm Clothing missing out on hair.
  • Fall damage from Ziplines when landing in shallow water.
  • Legendary & Legendary SMGs in some cases cannot be Sidegraded.
  • Destructive Marauders counting towards Storm Rise.
  • Chug Splash does not recover when tossed within a bush.
  • Supply Drops might in some cases press loot under the map.

There might be some extra modifications or updates that we didn’t see coming, however these are the most likely elements to alter following the v13.20 upgrade. As constantly, we’ll have you covered with the complete spot notes, all of the dripped skins, and whatever else that comes out of the upgrade, so remain tuned!

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