Kelsier Mistborn Fortnite Skin Cooperation Coming Quickly

Impressive Games have actually published a teaser that points towards a Mistborn Fortnite cooperation.

We’ve had a variety of cooperations considering that Fortnite acquired appeal. Most just recently, Impressive Games have actually partnered with DC for the No Point comics together with DC skins consisting of the most current Monster Kid Teenager Titans skin.

We’ve likewise seen Impressive Games team up with DC for Team Packs. Green Arrow was the 2nd team pack that was launched although fans weren’t delighted with Impressive utilizing the team pack for much more cooperations.

Green Arrow Fortnite

Prior to a brand-new team pack releases, Impressive Games normally publish teaser images on social networks along a couple of days prior to it’s formally launched. Impressive have actually now published a brand-new teaser, however there’s a possibility it’s not for the brand-new team skin.

Mistborn x Fortnite Cooperation – Kelsier Skin

Impressive Games published an image on Twitter with the following quote, “You’re the one they call the survivor; those scars on your arms give you away. You’re a troublemaker”. Here’s the image that was published:

Mistborn Fortnite Collaboration
Mistborn Fortnite Cooperation

Update: The Fortnite June Team Load exposed

Gamers discovered that there is no team sign on the teaser image which appears to recommend this cooperation won’t be for the next Fortnite team pack for next month which will formally be exposed tomorrow at 10 AM ET. Nevertheless, it appears not likely Impressive would put a teaser out a day prior to the June Fortnite team skin gets exposed.

The sign at the top of the teaser is from the Mistborn Unique Series which implies “Iron”. Brandon Sanderson, an American author that composes the Mistborn series all however validated the Fortnite x Mistborn cooperation in a tweet listed below:


According to Twitter users, the quote in the teaser is from a character in Mistborn that’s directed towards Kelsier. That recommends Kelsier is the Fortnite June Team Load skin which will be exposed tomorrow. Here’s what Kelsier appears like:

Kelsier Fortnite
Kelsier Fortnite

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