New alien shotgun exposed in Fortnite Season 7 teaser

The 2nd teaser video for Season 7 exposed a brand-new alien shotgun in Fortnite that’s pertaining to the Fight Royale mode.

Beginning the other day, June 5, Fortnite started publishing teaser videos to their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Each teaser includes 3 products, and a various description for each product can be discovered on their various social networks pages.

The first day of teasers revealed a little toy Fishstick, a container of milk, and a brand-new alien weapon. Gamers have actually started to hypothesize that Season 7 will present weapon appeals, a brand-new milk consumable, and an anti-gravity weapon. The 2nd teaser consisted of a guitar, a set of glasses, and a strange alien shotgun in Fortnite.

Season 7 teaser exposes brand-new alien shotgun

The description for the shotgun was published to the main Fortnite Facebook page. It checks out, “Last styles of distance deterrent gadget now rendering. Laboratory outcomes reveal favorable impact on target motion and trajectory.” Nevertheless, this weapon may be familiar to those who play the Save The World mode.

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This weapon initially debuted in Save The World and it’s called the Pulsar 9000. It’s a famous Sci-fi weapon that can be bought from the weekly shop and is quite subdued versus swarms of husks. Rather of shooting a spread of bullets like regular shotguns, the Pulsar 9000 fire circular energy disks. These disks take a trip approximately 2 tiles prior to vanishing.

The Pulsar 9000’s clip holds 25 rounds however fires 5 rounds per shot. The weapon’s publication, along with its other statistics, undergo alter when importing the weapon from Save The World to Fight Royale. Regardless, it does appear as if the shotgun has actually been made by the aliens according to its description.

fortnite alien shotgun pulsar 9000

We won’t understand till Fortnite Season 7 simply how effective this brand-new shotgun is. Will it be a threat like the Drum Shotgun, or will it be irritating to utilize like the Charge Shotgun? More notably, exist more futuristic alien weapons en route?

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